Monday, April 26, 2010


me &&& my lil sisters went to lagoon, it was sweet good weather NOOOO lines here are a few pics

BIG 21!!!

this weekend was erikas big bday, she just graduated, and got a new house so we had a lot to celebrate! I was in much need for a girls night out, I had fun at the party, then we hot tubbed! :)) it was a good night! here are just a few pictures!


me && jennie decided to make cupcakes for a ward fundraiser, took a little longer then planned since she was insistent on watching american idol and well... we needed shellies help! we made a huge mess, but it was a lot of fun spending time with my family (and rainbow fun fetti is DELIC) after we ate a TON of icing batter and cupcakes, had fun dancing and having a headstand competition, then making the family taste the ending results! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I went to the living planet aquarium today it was so much fun (ok maybe not, it was REALLY small && so crowded) BUT I still had fun I have wanted to go FOREVER, it was really interesting I guess I didnt realize all the cool animals we had in utah, && now I want to go to a cool aquarium in san deigo or something, or just go snorkeling in the ocean!!! after we went and ate at the sky box it was delic, mmhmm mango mt dew!! (try it) anyhow here are some pictures on a completely random note lisa my roommate is off to san fran for a week, so I get to spend some extra time with my twinners, && these cute new pups!! (they will be sold and gone next week)


I had THE BEST time in wendover, chelsie & arianne are my friends since dance in high school!! Life sure has changed since then & we are all so busy so it was nice to get away! I loved seeing Ariannes baby boy Karbon again he wanted to come with us he was so cute sitting in the suit case, we had an interesting ride down, made friends with random people driving by, jammed out to songs, we drove down in Aris dads big diesel it was a looooong drive, to say the least we had a hard time checking into montego bay so we ended up at the nugget!! I learned gambling is not my strongest talent! It was a great girls get away here is a few pictures!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

catching up!!

so i really stopped blogging so here is a random blog catching you up! lately i have been spending a lot of time with the fam, watching jennie dance on drill team has been so fun!! she is so talented!! :)) I got a new job at national fitness, still doing billing and collections, I cant seem to get away from being a collector!! MAY AS WELL EMBRACE IT AS MY CAREER (for now) Its a nice change from citi, I do miss my old friends but making new ones is fun to!! Rodeos, have been fun! FINALLY ash is twenty one!! :)) I just love rodeo weekends!!! rodeos, meeting at the gas station, and parties! always make for a fun weekend!!! Bella finally had three adorable little puppies I cant get enough of them I'm already dreading telling them goodbye!!! Michelle (my friend, former citi co worker, and my roommates sister) got married!! It was quite the get together she looked beautiful and we all had soooo much fun!!!